What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Welcome to the Hen Party 2012!

on April 24, 2012

For some time now I have been toying with the idea of getting some chickens to keep in the garden, mostly for getting nice fresh eggs but also for the thrill of doing something really country in an urban setting.

I have a great Facebook friend J who posts regularly about her chooks from whom she gets much pleasure, and many eggs.

Since verbalising my notion to Mr Gillybirds, who voiced no objections, I had two completely random conversations with friends who it turns out, keep chickens in an urban setting and really enjoy it. They were very encouraging.

Rather bizarrely when visiting actual farming friends, they had been to a banty chicken fair and bought me a paired rooster and hen, who were proudly struttling around waiting to be adopted by yours truely and brought back to the Big Smoke. However  I tried to make it clear that I did not want a rooster – cute looking as he was- despite assurances that he would be very discreet and not wake the sleepers of BT9 . Also I didn’t want to end up with chicks, I’m sure like rabbits they do reproduce regularly – as only the female chicks would be able to produce eggs (duh) and the other cute little balls of yellow feathers would have to …well, you can use your imagination.

So now my hen coop is here, and I am waiting for a phone call from my dealer, I mean, my hen supplier.

Some of my 4 children are well excited – even helping with constructing the coop. How our rather noisy and jealous Tibetan Terrier dog will cope I just don’t know.

We have been trying out appropriate names for size too. So I plan to get 4 ladies, and we’ll take it from there.



One response to “Welcome to the Hen Party 2012!

  1. samwylie says:

    you’re getting CHICKENS!! wow – enjoy! look forward to fresh eggs on next trip to BT9! 🙂

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