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Singing and Camping in the Rain

on May 18, 2012

The feathered ladies have now been with us for two weeks. We’ve had 13 eggs so far which Mr Gillybirds, the accountant by profession, tells me cost-wise works out at something a little less than buying a Faberge egg. But so much more fun.
Three of my girls are now laying- definately Violet and Darling. Not quite sure of the third.
The one thing that has surprised me is the amount of poop these girls make. Apologies to those reading this with a cup of tea and a nice biscuit. But surely Mrs G you realised that hens are birds? I hear you say. No I didn’t quite make that connection. I thought maybe like the dog there’d be a land mine left in the garden maybe once or twice a day but no, these ladies make their run look at best like a modern art installation. And football in the garden is even more of an interesting game than before. Never mind I’m sure the grass will be lush with all the added nitrogen.
We’ve had so much rain and strong winds that their lovely rusty red feathers look very bedraggled. Yesterday I had a brainwave and put a large plastic table cloth over the top of the run so they could strut about dry for a while. It has lacy edging and would have looked better with a cake stand and a couple of cupcakes on top.They don’t seem to work out that it is dry in under the coop.
Number three son is going survival camping this weekend with the Chief Scout Bear Grylls. It’s all very exciting to be promised breakfast with the man who allegedly eats live grubs and filters water through his sports socks, but in the spirit of The Great Outdoors no tents are allowed and he has to bring a pen knife and matches. Two items not normally within a hand’s reach of a 14 year old boy. But I’ve seen the forecast. It’s not good. I’m thinking of packing him that lacy table cloth for shelter, just in case.


One response to “Singing and Camping in the Rain

  1. amaryllislog says:

    Okay you have created quite an image in my head! And yes while eating breakfast! All too funny, thank you for the morning humor!

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