What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Running Around Like a Headless Chicken

on June 21, 2012

This time of the year with school and activities stopping for the summer break, us mums get very busy organising parties, gifts, thank yous, farewells, and in our house it is the beginning of the birthday season too. I have lists with sub-lists of tasks to get through as well as all the normal day to day things. I need to urgently find a tent peg mallet that may or may not be lying at the back of a crammed shed covered in dead spiders. And teach my boys how to erect the said tent as I won’t be there to help. My problem is that subconsciously I know for 8 weeks from 12 noon next Friday the children will be at home looking to be entertained and fed and I will get nothing else done until September.
The phrase “running around like a headless chicken” comes to mind, but do you have any clue as to it’s origin?
WARNING those of a nervous or squeamish disposition go read something else!
Well, in Colorado in 1945 a poor rooster called Mike had his head chopped off by Mr Olsen the farmer. Only he didn’t do the job properly. The axe missed his jugular vein leaving one ear and most of his brain stem intact. Since basic life functions such as breathing, and heart rate, and chicken reflect functions are controlled by the brain stem Mike survived. When Mike didn’t die Mr Olsen decided to care for him, feeding him a mixture of milk and water through an eye dropper into his throat. Once used to a new centre of balance Mike could get himself around easily, attempting to peck at food with his neck, and trying to crow, although only a gurgling sound came out of his throat. The enterprising Mr Olsen charged 25 cents to the curious public, and went touring with a side show. Mike even appeared in Time magazine. Sadly while on tour one night Mike choked and passed on to the big chicken coop in the sky. He had survived headless for 18 months.
Mike’s legacy in his hometown lives on. In Fruita, Colorado they celebrate “Mike the Headless Chicken Day” every May, he even has his own website!
So when you think you are about to lose you mind, remember Mike the Headless Chicken – its a no brainer!



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