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Friends of the Earth

on July 9, 2012



It continues to rain and our garden is really starting to resemble a quagmire. Between football sessions and the hens rooting thought the lawn, the grass is in a sorry state. The hens themselves look like they are having an expensive mud therapy treatment in a beauty salon but they must be quite happy as they are laying well, and in consequence we are having eggs with everything. I had promised to make meringues for a wedding on Saturday, they collapsed into a crunchy crusty puddle in the oven which was disappointing, not even suitable to make a family favourite dessert, Eton Mess. My problem at the minute is that our hen’s eggs are slightly smaller than shop bought eggs, I may be over compensating adding too many eggs to cake mix which is affecting the outcome. I would welcome advice from any other hen keepers out there on how they deal with this issue.
I have been trying to capture on camera the hens friends, there are three magpies who are always within a few feet of the coop. I don’t know if they are there for a friendly chat or simply waiting around for stray hen pellets or nibs of corn, but they are always there.
Some of our boys were camping at a festival and we drove some distance into the countryside to visit them last weekend. On the way we spotted a farmhouse that had brown hens just like our girls all running round the garden, it was a pretty sight, I would love to be able to let them roam free but garden security and the threat of the dog getting to them is too much
I do however let them out every few days for around 20 – 30 minutes, and the other evening the girls were let loose in the garden while I tried in vain to find a less boggy patch to move the coop to. Watching them closely in case they disappeared into a neighbours, I realised that they were all going mad pecking away at a weed that is rampant in our garden. Yay! So since then every time I am outside I feed them another handful. I don’t know what it is called, it has a pretty yellow flower like a buttercup. We aren’t really committed gardeners so it has been allowed to spread amongst the bushes, and now we have an environmentally friendly solution! 🙂
The benefit to the environment is however reduced due to the high temperature washes to remove the dirt from the footballer’s clothing when the children come in from the garden 😦

PS this blog is being a little neglected as I am currently writing daily blog updates for Mr Gillybirds BigBikeHike blog (also hosted on WordPress if you are interested) as he cycles from Land’s End to John O’Groats, 950 miles over this week for charity.

One response to “Friends of the Earth

  1. I have given up on a lawn after all this rain! Ours has more bald patches than not at the moment. I have been ever so surprised how our girls do not seem to mind the rain, although I think the increase in worms might be part of their tollerance of it 😀

    Our eggs are sometimes a bit smaller than shop bought eggs, and I haven’t had a problem baking, but I have only made sponge so far and I always make sponge cakes the way my Nan taught me which is weigh the eggs first then add Flour and Sugar in equal amounts as the egg if that makes sense! Not sure what I would do if I was making a specific recipe…probably add a bit of milk to the beaten eggs to pad it out a bit?

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