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A Chicken Funeral To Do List and a Chicken’s Will

on July 18, 2012

Don’t worry we haven’t had an untimely death within our little hen community, I found this on the Internet and thought is was so cute (and sad) I had to share it with you. Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet whether with scales, fur or feathers, knows how it feels 😥

Written by a small girl called Amanda, after the death of her pet chicken

Funeral To Do List
1. Coffin
2. Flowers
3. Everyone in black
4. Good place to do a funeral
5. Will
6. Dress
7. Pick a church
8. Piano player
9. My favourite dress
10. Rent a car
11. Get a priest
12. A bell
13. Cross over
14. Get to heaven. Party.
15. Chorus

Chicken’s Will
1.give food and water to the other chickens
2. Take care of them
3. Bury me in the backyard small garden
4. Give me a funeral
5. Always say prayers for me and other chickens
6. Never forget me
7. Don’t disturb my slumber
8. Remember I’m always going to be in your heart
9. Love me forever and ever
10. Keep this Will to remind you of me

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