What came first- the chickens or the blog?

The Great Escape

on July 23, 2012


I can’t believe that today, mid July, all the house lights have been on and it has rained constantly. Not even proper drops but that fine misty air moisture that soaks everything within a couple of seconds. The two boys left at home and I had a DVD and relaxing day. I got loads of knitting done. One boy who will remain unnamed was still in PJs until dinner time. Now I don’t insist on black tie at the dinner table but in the interests of hygiene and decency tonight the malingerer put on day clothes before his evening meal was served.
I digress. The garden once more is slowly disappearing under water, the hen’s coloured tags on their legs are indistinguishable because of the mud, so I jacked up the coop to move it to higher drier ground again. Having taking their water container indoors for a wash and refill, when I returned there were only 3 hens in the coop! Thankfully the dog was safely indoors, he don’t do rain, and Violet was spotted at the far end of the grass scratching merrily away. I noticed recently that when the coop is jacked up they have been pushing their wee heads into the gap between the wire mesh and the ground, a very small space of 5 cm at most. Miss Violet must have just given herself an extra boost and wriggled out when I wasn’t around. Since she looked so happy I let the others out for a good run around. I had some bread in my pocket, once Darling and Apollo discovered that they abandoned their search and opted for the fast food from my hand. I got some great pics, and a few pecks too. They weren’t too pleased when the bread was done and followed me around the garden in the hope for more. We all got rather wet.
And in return we collected two eggs today, up to 95 in total now, so heading rapidly towards our first egg century. Mr Gillybirds the accountant will no doubt be pleased that the cost per egg is now less than the cost of a good steak. Provided you don’t order any sides. Or a drink. And you are not still in your pyjamas.




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