What came first- the chickens or the blog?

The Hundredth egg

on July 26, 2012


Just to let you know that yesterday we celebrated the arrival of our hundredth egg in the coop! 78 days from our first.There should be a greetings card for just this sort of occasion. Now the law of averages makes this sound a little feeble but yesterday was also our first three egg day in a long time too. It is also sunny at the moment. Could this be an influencing factor. So much to learn. For now the big decision is how to mark the occasion. So the recipe books are out.
I am so jealous of my dog walking buddy L who is off the Paris in a couple of weeks with her daughter, part of their trip includes an afternoon at a French Cookery School. Lush. They will be learning to make macaroons. Maybe I could persuade her to bring along egg number 100 which really deserves to be taken to Paris and given a good beating.
Ps the best macaroons I have ever made are Pistachio ones from the Domestic Goddess book by Nigella Lawson. Delish.


20120726-083218.jpgthese are Nigella’s, not mine btw.


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