What came first- the chickens or the blog?

SuperGilly saves the Day

on August 6, 2012


Only rapid action saved one of the hens from certain death this morning. Stupidly I let the dog out while I was putting their feed in the coop. They rushed the gate, one got out, the dog was immediately over to snatch her, I threw myself on top of her, leaving the gate wide open, how the others didn’t escape I don’t know. I made some fairly loud squealing noises to frighten the dog away, I was pretty scared myself. Just shows, I must love those feathered ladies after all! It was a scary moment. Again.
Note to self – keep the dog inside the house when opening the coop!
The dog does take such a keen interest in the hens, and they in him, it would be a shame that something would spoil that.


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