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One of your five a day

on August 29, 2012


Now the Gillybirds are laying so well on their layers pellets I have been experimenting with little extras from the scrap bin and from the garden to discover their likes and dislikes. Like my own four children, each hen appears to have different tastes! (like Violet and her slug preference) For food hygiene purposes giving away our fresh eggs I am not able to feed the hens anything with meat in it, but they do get regular pasta, rice, whole meal bread, corn cobs, tomatoes, trying to keep a varied diet as I would my own children, rich in fresh veg etc. Sadly the hens do not appear to share my taste for mangoes.
Yesterday morning I threw in a handful of pea and bean leaves (from my rahter feeble attempt to “grow my own”) and because they all grow together and are gloriously tangled through each other, a load of nasturtium leaves and flowers.
There was a riot. It was like the first day of the sales. The girls couldn’t eat the nasturtium leaves fast enough.
This is great news as I adore nasturtiums, all those different bright colours of flowers, our garden is abundant with them and at this time of the year they are growing through everything and are everywhere.


They were moving so quickly it was impossible to get a clear focused picture, sorry!
The appliqué picture was sewn by me probably about 15 years ago and hangs on the back of Mr Gillybirds favourite red chair in the kitchen 🙂

20120829-111559.jpgjust uploaded InstaCollage app this morning and played around with some photos. Such warm happy flowers! And they must taste ok too. I imagine a little spicy

2 responses to “One of your five a day

  1. amaryllislog says:

    Is it just me or do eggs taste better when the chicken ate a healthy well rounded diet from the garden?

    Your appliqué is very pretty! Another talent for sure!

    • gillybirds says:

      They definitely taste better. Happy hens lay happy eggs. We have big plans to build a bigger run for them. No doubt it will be blogged on soonish.
      I do love your blog. I don’t always comment but agree so much with what you say. I love to see the world through your eyes 🙂

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