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Puppy Love

on September 2, 2012


After a great deal of family discussion, in light of the Vet’s diagnosis for the overweight moving hearth rug that is our beloved dog of arthritis in both hips and a possible heart problem, we decided to enquire about getting a puppy. Tibetan Terriers are not a common breed here so I couldn’t believe it when TT pups were advertised in our local paper. Yesterday we went to meet M, the breeder, and the parents, and the two remaining puppies. Being the only lady in the house(our four feathered ladies belong strictly outside) I had fancied a wee girl doggie. By the time we had driven an hour to the breeder’s home there were two boy pups left. One was black with 4 white paws and a white ring round his neck, the other white with two black ears, a black eye, a perfect black circle on his back and a wee black waggy tail.
It was very difficult to choose. Perhaps bringing Mr Gillybirds and two of our boys was not the best plan as there was divided opinion over which pup to choose. In the end we chose the whiter pup, his markings are very unusual and he was finer boned than the black pup. M the breeder called them Spot and Andy. Spot is now home with us and goes by the full title of
Lucas Domino.
He was born on 22nd June this year making him 11 weeks old.
We are all in love. Even the hens who were so curious when we took him outside for a sniff and a piddle (some chance)

Except Buttons, our 7 1/2 year old TT. No one likes their tail being treated as a chew toy, or being kept awake half the night by high pitched yapping. But I think he’ll come round in the end.


2 responses to “Puppy Love

  1. amaryllislog says:

    Simply put, adorable! I mean really, really ADORABLE!

  2. Helen says:

    Oops thought I’d replied last nite! What a cutey pie puppy – is he a pedigree? just unusual markings?
    On the hen front – we have a broody one! Nosey Bird returned from her summer holiday at “The Farm Retreat”, where she had a short but passionate holiday romance with John The Rooster! On returning to Urban Lisburn, Nosey became very protective towards her precious eggs, thinking she was clocking a chick & refusing to leave the nesting box for almost 3 days! The rest of the girls were NOT HAPPY! (Jealous perhaps?)
    Finally with our egg supplies dwindling Dave took a harsh approach & locked her out of the coop in daylight! The Hen blogs all tell you to remove the eggs and pop a pile of ice cubes in the nesting box… unkind??!! Needless to say the poor bird was totally traumatised and was found clocking on a branch in the garden!! Egg production is now thankfully resuming in the boxes & peace has been restored among the girls!
    Keeping Chickybirds is not that simple………!

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