What came first- the chickens or the blog?

The animals went in two by two

on September 26, 2012



Finally after two dark and miserable days it has stopped raining. Rumours that we were thinking of costructung an ark for our feathered friends are thankfully unfounded. Yesterday though it was so dark the solar powered lights in the garden did not get enough sunshine to illuminate them at night. The hens are wading through deep mucky puddles and don’t appear to be bothered by the water at all. I have put upended flower pots and tree stumps in the coop to act as little islands and keep checking to see that no one is suffering from trench foot. They look surprisingly clean too. And they are still laying as well as ever.
Many thanks to lovely Dr W who brought the girls a tasty bag of nasturtium leaves from her garden for a treat.
As for the dogs, well. They need to learn to read.



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