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Sad News

on October 22, 2012


Sad to tell you that our very favourite hen, Violet Beaudelaire passed away very suddenly during the night. I don’t know what caused her death, only that she looked very peaceful in the coop this morning and the other three appear to be fine.
Last week it rained very heavily and the coop run had flooded quite badly so on Saturday with the help of Miss C we lifted the coop to the very highest part of the garden, in the shelter of a wall which is where we had intended for them to have their winter quarters.
Perhaps in all the rain with the colder darker days she caught a chill. We’ll never know, she was fine yesterday, they had their usual run around the garden together in the unexpected golden autumn sunshine. Little did we know what the new day would bring.
For now, the slugs are safe from their deadliest enemy, Miss Violet.
And chicken will be off the menu for a few days out of respect.



2 responses to “Sad News

  1. Elinor Fitch says:

    Oh I am so sorry. Although I wish I could give you the same news about 4 cats that have adopted me!!

    Sent from my iPad

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