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Gift Wrapping

on October 23, 2012


Like some of you I’m sure I have already started getting a few bits and bobs for Christmas gifts. I know its still October but once the clocks fall back this weekend the rest of 2012 gather momentum and before we know it Christmas will be here! and temperatures are forecast to drop dramatically by Friday!
On TV recently there was an enterprising lady, Arona Khan, who runs gift wrapping courses. She has even been training the staff of 10 Downing Street.
This got me thinking again about the little miracle of nature that is the formation of an egg. The contents of the egg are wrapped in a perfect, seamless, incredibly strong shell as though by magic! Eggs are objects of art.
The hen has little to do with the formation of an egg’s shell — the egg actually grows the shell around itself. It does this using processes that are also seen in bones and seashells.
Around the egg is a membrane, and evenly spaced on the membrane are points where columns of calcite (a form of calcium carbonate) form. These columns stack together side by side to form the shell. According to an incredibly interesting book called “Made to Measure” by Philip Ball:
The nucleation points are defined protein nodules called mammillary protrusions, and the mineral is first deposited as particles of aragonite with random orientation of the crystal planes. On top of these aragonite piles, columns of oriented crystalline calcite begin to grow upward.
The calcite is basically floating in
solution around the shell, and it deposits on the shell like a forming crystal. The egg grows its own shell!

Still with me? Sadly most presents don’t come with such scientific self-wrapping. This year however I have bought a huge stack of brown paper “carry out” bags which I plan (when I build my time-expansion machine giving me a 25 hour day, 8 day week) to embellish and place well chosen, tasteful presents inside and top with shredded tissue. We’ll see.


One response to “Gift Wrapping

  1. Maureen says:

    Lovely advice and a lovely thought on being thankful. Thankyou

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