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Trick or Treat

on October 31, 2012



Now that the clocks have turned back, our hours of daylight are getting very short. No longer are the neighbours treated to the early morning sight of yours truly tramping across the garden in PJs and mucky Wellies well before 7am. The sun is not showing her face until around 8, and is off to bed again just after 5. Which gives the Gillybirds only 9 productive laying hours. Commercial farmers provide laying hens with artificial light to kid them into continuing their laying, whilst I anticipate that our egg harvest will dwindle to a trickle for the next few long dark months.
In the meantime I have been researching how to keep the girls entertained without the expense of installing a hot tub and flat screen tv.
One of my own inventions is piercing a head of cabbage with a chop stick and dangling it just above their heads with a shoe lace from the cage roof. They love this game, jumping up, ripping off a piece of leaf and the cabbage swings wildly. A well- placed swing can stun a feathered opponent quite successfully.
I also hide tasty treats amongst their bedding for them to search for while they are laying. It’s that or a quick read of Hello magazine.
I am always experimenting with treats, they have definate likes and dislikes. I plan to blog on this another time.
For now, tomorrow after the excitement of Halloween (hopefully the fireworks will not cause undue stress) they will get the pumpkins to enjoy.
I have myself found these two blogs on chicken toys and treats very informative and interesting if you have the time to link to them.
If you have even more time to kill try googling images of chickens in Halloween costumes. Who does this?
Meanwhile- happy Halloween everyone!

Chicken Treat Chart The Best Treats For Backyard Chickens
toys for chickens



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