What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Chilly Chooks

on November 20, 2012

This is a Welsh newspaper article from that cold cold winter of 2010 –

Crafty Ann Duran, 55, took pity on hens left featherless after being rescued from a battery farm.
And she came up with eggs-actly the right answer to keep them warm – hand-knitted tanktops.
Ann said: “Some people think I am a little bit crazy but I didn’t like to think of chickens shivering through the winter.
“The feathers will eventually grow back but until then my jumpers will keep them warm.”
Chickens lose their feathers after being cooped up in hot sheds at battery farms.
Ann, of Neath, South Wales, heard about the featherless birds from friend Dionne Jenkins who saves retired battery hens.
And she roped pals to form the Helping Hands knitting circle – making jumpers for bald chickens across the country.
Dionne, 26, said: “It is quite upsetting to see chickens without their feathers – but Ann has solved the problem.
“Three of my birds modelled them and they fit really well. I think the chickens look really sweet in them.
The Helping Hands knitting circle have been making jumpers for bald chickens across the country. Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE
9:37AM GMT 05 Jan 2010


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