What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Adapting to the season

on November 30, 2012



It’s hard to believe that while in some areas of England people’s homes have been seriously damaged by flooding this week, here in our small damp island there has been no rains for days, and days, and days! We have been enjoying those bright crisp winter days and long dark evenings where the stars just POP out from the sky.
The hens are in great form, still laying two sometimes three eggs daily. They are tucked up in bed out of the cold by 4.30pm and I let them out around 7am when it is still dark. Despite a lack of rain the chicken corner of the garden is very boggy. My boots are getting ruined, so I have now put an ancient ladder as a bridge across the worse of the mire. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, when its dark and you have a chicken under each arm, and are trying to balance on horizontal wooden rungs. It could all go horribly wrong.
I was clearing out the fridge today and had the idea to make fruit kebabs from grapes and cherry tomatoes. They were a massive hit with the girls.
In an effort to make the coop look a little more tidy I have been looking for some type of wood shavings and finally found some in a pet shop. I liberally scattered them over the run floor. The hens were delighted to have a new fragrant medium to scratch through and within half an hour the lovely clean fresh wood chips were all mixed in with leaf litter and dirt. Waste of time on my part. Really Mrs G, I said to myself, you must cease to think like Marie Anoinette and her laundered cattle, and be more like Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall down at River Cottage. ( Hugh is a tv chef with his own farm complete with animals who he ends up eating). I keep forgetting these hens are farm animals and so do not live ordered clean urban lives, they like to root around in muck and fallen leaves. It is what comes naturally to them. Mind you there are some boys in this house, mentioning no names, who would appear to thrive in similar bedroom environments.
Anyway, tomorrow is December 1st, we’ll be opening the first door of the Advent Calendar and the Gillybirds are thinking about how to tastefully decorate the coop for the Christmas Season, and thanking their lucky stars that they aren’t turkeys. 🙂



20121130-150808.jpg“Smart Chicks” they call it. Huh. I’m the dumb cluck that bought it.

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