What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Trimming the tree

on December 5, 2012


The Gillyboys were pestering me all weekend once they started opening the Advent calendar to get the Christmas Tree up and decorate the house. So I held them off until 3rd December. So now it’s all done and we look all festive. I’m sure most families are like us with special tree decorations that have special memories, who made them, or gave them. In fact my mother has a toilet roll Santa made by my brother who is almost 40 and a father himself now.
I wouldn’t be Mrs Gillybirds if i didn’t include the Gillybirds in our Festive time. I have been searching in vain for some hen themed Christmas decorations, after all, don’t we sing every year about the gift of 3 French Hens? So here are a few sweet, OTT, retro and rustic chicken baubles. I will leave you to pick your own favourite.







In the meantime I have my hands full keeping the puppy from swinging from the tree branches and crunching the fairy lights. Our lovely knitted Santa has been moved from his traditional spot by the fire as I fear he may become a victim of Lucas’s stuffed toy collection.
20 sleeps to Christmas!

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