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Little Green Balls of Death

on December 19, 2012



Every Christmas the Gillyboys take sadistic pleasure in watching me eat my annual Brussel Sprout. I hate, loathe and detest them. Yet year after year they appear all green and vile on my plate. Hurrah that hens consider sprouts as a treat! I suspect the Gillybirds will be feasting on plenty of the wee green beasties.
Here’s a few tips for those of you who enjoy the sprout:
Contrary to popular opinion, Brussels sprouts do not benefit from having a cross cut into the bottom of them. Instead of helping them to cook evenly, the cross can make the sprouts waterlogged. Instead, cut sprouts in half, or just pop them into the pan as they are.
Try Brussels sprouts shredded, either eaten raw in a salad or stir fried with bacon and plenty of butter or a few spoonfuls of crème fraîche. Throw in some chestnuts for a particularly seasonal treat.
Or blanch whole sprouts briefly in boiling water, douse in cream and bake in the oven for a luxurious gratin.
Leftovers make delicious bubble and squeak. Mix the Brussels sprouts with mashed potato, shape into little patties and fry until golden-brown.
Top with a poached egg for a simple brunch. Yes, another way of using up eggs!


Some better ways to use up Brussel Sprouts.

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