What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Red Weather warning

on January 18, 2013

20130118-120616.jpg Here in our damp, grey corner of the island we were issued with the most serious weather warning last night- RED- rather ironically for the white stuff- snow. It’s coming! The Gillyboys went to bed all excited, perhaps a snow day off school and sledging down the hills I sledges down as a child.
What did we wake up to? Yet more rain, heavy grey skies, how disappointing! It’s now lunch time and while there is a snowy tinge to the rain,
it’s still over 4 degrees though if the weather satellite picture above is to be believed those just a bit west of here are already in the midst of a white out.
Of course as well as ensuring the boys took gloves and hats to school I am concerned for the Gillybirds well-being. I let them splash around the garden this morning while I affixed yet another tarp on the coop roof . The Eglu does appear to be well insulated, it is up against a high wall for shelter and the tarps should keep some of the rain/snow off the hens. They do appear fairly wet and bedraggled most days, I’m sure I wouldn’t like to be wearing the equivalent of a damp duvet all day but they are eating well, laying well and happily chased me round the grass this morning.

I put down fresh sawdust and lots of leaf litter for them to scratch through in the few hours of murky daylight left before they hop up the ladder into bed around 4.45pm.
I haven’t seen much of a stretch in the day just yet but I did see daffodils in bloom in a neighbour’s garden. Hopefully the snow forecast is a brief tussle with winter and spring will soon be on the way.
In the meantime I spotted this on The Poke (very funny website) giving a “weather warning” about the coming blizzard. I can identify with most of it!


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