What came first- the chickens or the blog?

The White Stuff

on January 19, 2013

Jus to let you know we all survived and things didn’t turn out quite so bad as had been predicted weather-wise. This morning I slushed across the grass with my heart in my mouth, wondering if the coop would reveal nothing but frozen chicken. Thankfully, as it was already fully daylight I could hear the Gillybirds fussing and stamping about eager to get out. They were in great form. Temperatures were above freezing, their food and water were fine, it was not a bad day, the snow sneaking away quietly bit by bit. Perhaps this will be our only snow this winter.
You know your children are no longer so little when they stay in bed rather than dash outside in their pjs at first light to make a snowman and demand to be taken sledging. Sigh. Still, We had a lovely winter snowy walk, Mr Gillybirds and I, and Lucas expressed his joy as only Lucas can.


I’ve walked two miles now can I go home please!

Funny how a wee white doggy doesn’t look so white against the snow 🙂

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