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A Surprise Visitor

on February 11, 2013


Once again I have been smitten with a dreadful cold and cough and have taken to my bed for a couple of days. Yesterday Gillyboy number 4 developed the same symptoms and as I blog, here we sit with lap rugs twined around our legs, slumbering dogs snoring in heaps on the floor I will tell you of a little visitor who has brightened our dull and snuffly morning.
The other boys left for school before 8am. I came downstairs for a fresh glass of water around an hour later, only to discover that our front door had been left wide open letting the heat out and any passing opportunist burglars the chance to come in. Never mind, I thought , firmly closing it and heading back upstairs to bed.
Sometime later our poorly child came bursting in “Mum, mum, there’s a robin in my bedroom!”
He had been dozing in his own bed when he head little footsteps, hop, hop, hop…hop, hop, hop and looked up to see a quizzical little bright eyed robin peeping at him for the end of his bed. We returned to his room to find the bird flying around searching for a means of escape. I opened both windows as wide as they could go and after another flutter round the bedroom he found the open window and was away. We could hear him singing as he flew out over the garden. He is still there, carolling away merrily.
I laughed to myself as I remembered that today is the 23rd anniversary of Nelson Mandela being freed from Robben Island in South Africa.




4 responses to “A Surprise Visitor

  1. amaryllislog says:

    What a great post, thank you!

  2. karenandkerry says:

    Love the link of ‘Robin being freed’ and ‘being freed from Robbin’, but you misses the opportunity to state that someone had of ‘robbing’ you!

  3. juliecarol says:

    What a lovely story but shame on those gillyboys leaving your door open!!

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