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Heart failure

on March 3, 2013



This year I wanted to do something really special to show Mr Gillybirds how much I love him and enjoy being with him when he is home with us. Inspired by reading the story of the man who planted thousands of oak trees, making a woodland area for his late wife leaving a heart shaped clearing pointing towards her childhood home, which remained a secret to the family only visible by air.
husband’s tribute in trees to his wife
Last autumn I planted about fifty daffodil bulbs at the back of our garden on a slight incline in a heart shape, the plan being that by Valentine’s Day there would be bright waving yellow flowers displaying a love tribute to Mr G. However, the desirability of said bulbs to passing squirrels, puppies and the scratching of hens has resulted in a distinct lack of anything close to resembling a heart. You will see from the photograph that hardly any have survived the winter at all, except for one brave little flower who is only now at the beginning of March, showing his little yellow face.
Next year maybe I should do something more daring, like a giant bill board, or a tattoo. (Just kidding Mr G if you are reading this and suffering heart failure)




One response to “Heart failure

  1. juliecarol says:

    Shame that didn’t work as that would have been lovely 😦

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