What came first- the chickens or the blog?

The Hero of the Day Award

on April 11, 2013

The weather has been sharply cold but dry and bright and the hens have enjoyed an hour or two every day free ranging round the garden.
Today was no exception although for the first time in weeks it is raining.
Anyway, the Gillybirds were being nosy peering in the kitchen door as homework was being done. Lucas the pup was peering curiously back through the glass back at them.
Suddenly he got up on his back legs, barking sharply and loudly. He is normally a very quiet wee doggy (compared the the over vocal Mr Buttons). We looked out and there was the ginger cat within two feet of our feathered ladies. They were staring at her, she was mesmerised by them.
I banged hard on the window, not wanting to open the door as adding an agitated puppy to the scene would not have helped matters.
So the feline stalker ran quickly away, the girls resumed their pecking around, Lucas basked in the glory of being a hero until he went counter-surfing and smashed a glass, and my heart eventually settled back into its natural rhythmn.


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