What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Do you like butter?

on May 30, 2013

Suddenly we have jumped from a long long cold Winter into fabulous warm and welcome Spring. Everything in the garden is bursting into life and colour including the weeds. And it has stayed dry long enough to get the lawn cut and sow grass seed on the bare patches.
The dandelion crop is over, their seeds floating like fairies to start new colonies elsewhere (hopefully the neighbours) and now the fields and flower beds are awash with lustrous yellow buttercups. When you were little did you hold buttercups under your chin to see if you liked butter? Or was it just our family? Apparently the strength of the yellow reflection was an indicator of how much you liked butter. I don’t think the medical profession use this as an accurate indicator of your cholesterol

The hens are very partial to dandelion leaves. Buttercups are poisonous however- to birds and cattle. And if handled a lot can cause dermatitis in humans. Once they die and are baled into straw for winter feed the toxins break down so they are fine in animals’ winter fodder.
But having looked at bare fields for so long it is lovely to admire the patches of golden yellow drifts of buttercups across meadows as I am out with the dogs.
And yes, I do like butter.



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