What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Like Cleopatra

on May 30, 2013


As a novice hen keeper I am always looking for new foods and entertainments for the Gillybirds to keep them healthy and stimulated. (Much the same as my parenting ethos but with feathers.)
Yesterday was deliciously hot and sunny so for a cooling treat the girls were served a bowl of natural yoghurt. Yoghurt is often suggested as a food for hens with the natural probiotic organisms just as good for their digestive system as they are for ours.This was received with initial scepticism. Then a tentative peck. Suddenly there was a rush of approval, a flurry of feathers and yoghurt everywhere. Having no tongues it must be difficult to eat but the general etiquette appeared to be
– stick your beak in
– shake your beak around
– lift your head
– tilt your head back
-vigorously shake your head
They looked like they were really enjoying the mess and the coolness.



Wee feathered faces were covered. It reminded me of the story of Queen Cleopatra bathing in asses milk as part of her beauty treatment.
Hen keepers do recommend adding chopped apple and oatmeal to make it easier to eat. Sounds like one of my favourite breakfast ideas- Bircher muesli – which I don’t get round to making often enough.
Anyway as you can see from the photos the girls had great fun with their new dish of the day.


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