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Kiss Me Quiche

on June 11, 2013

We have had the most amazing weather for the past week. Today the temperature is down 10 degrees and it is raining a little, and surprisingly it is a welcome break for the garden, the dogs and those suffering from sunburn!
Mr Gillybirds was away from home longer than usual last week so to mark his return to the coop I decided to make some quiches from scratch. Yes, pastry and everything. Now those who know me (hello Mrs C) know that I have a particular dislike of pastry. Yuk. So to roll out the pasty pale stuff is a big deal.
And just to make matters worse I dug out our dear friendMichel Roux “Eggs” book. You may recall my blog about a year ago when I attempted Michel’s roulade with limited success. I should have learnt my lesson and thrown this book away then.
As a girl guide back in the day our motto was “be prepared”. So we were doomed from the start.
Just in from the school run at 3.30pm I crack open the book at “flan pastry” and read that once made it has to rest for 1 – 2 hours before baking. So I hurry the process and by 3.40 the pastry is in the fridge having a wee rest. Not so poor poor mama, now dealing with squeezing homework out of hot, sticky boys.
By 4.30 I can’t wait anymore. If wholesome food is not on the table by 5.30 there is likely to be trouble. The fairly well rested dough is rolled out and subjected to cutting, pricking, parchment wrapping, covered in baking beans and baked “blind” for a precious 20 minutes.
In the meantime Michel and I focus on our fillings. Good job those hens have been on laying form, as this recipe for one quiche requires 3 whole eggs and 6 yolks, and lots of double cream and cheese. That’s a whole lot of eggs! I made two quiche, one traditional bacon lardons and the other salmon and broccoli.


20 minutes later, the beans and the parchment were removed and the pastry subjected to another 15 minutes of the oven. It is approaching 5 pm and already the Gillyboys are restless.
By 5.10 the yummy creamy filling is added, with grated cheese mixed through. Keep calm and carry on.
This bakes for 20 minutes.
It’s 5.30. I’m starting to panic.
“Lower the oven temperature setting.”says Michel. “Cook for another 15 minutes”. I read on…”Scatter cheese flakes over the surface and bake for a final 5 minutes”. I feel like scattering ripped pages of the book around the kitchen. I resist.
Oh my. Another 20 minutes to go. But it was worth it. Golden and glowing the quiche emerge from the oven at 6.50. And no one complained.
With fresh salad leaves, some fried baby potatoes and tomatoes so sweet and juicy we really enjoyed this meal.
I’ve got leftovers for lunch for me and second Gillyboy who is studying at home. I think they may be even nicer cold.
After days of hotel food (yes even lobster) Mr G really does appreciate some good honest home cooking. 😉

PS did I eat the pastry? Well no, I fed it to the dog.

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