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Grandma gave us Dinosaur Toes for lunch

on July 6, 2013

Here is a photo of a happy piece of Portuguese bread for my vegetarian blog readers. Sorry to tell you despite looking so jolly he was spread with butter and eaten. Now go read something else…
For my omnivorous readers, let me tell you about our trip to the Loule market and what Grandma made us for lunch.

These weird crustaceans are delicacies from the rocky coastline of the Western Algarve and which can be sold for up to £100 per kilo. We bought them in the local fish market for a fraction of the price, grandma boiled them in a pot for a few minutes, filling the kitchen with the fresh salty smell of the sea, and then we pulled them apart and ate them. Delicious!
These are percebes, or for those of you not fluent in Portuguese, goose neck barnacles. To eat them you pull off the end bit and gently pull out the tube of flesh, running the risk of being showered in pinkish salty water if you are too enthusiastic. Even Gillyboy number 4 tried a couple.
Charlie Skelton a writer for the Guardian newspaper describes them thus –
The goose barnacle has to be one of the most beautiful foods on the planet. The bright enamelled head with its ruby lips sits atop a snakeskin sleeve which pulls away to reveal a glossy, lucent finger of flesh, marbled and grey at the neck, bright orange at the tip. They’re the punks of the crustacean family. They thrive in violent waters, in their leathery jackets and studded collars, their heads a shock of colour.
They taste just like fresh sea water, soft in texture, a wonderful rosy pink in colour on the inside, once you get past the prehistoric aggressive outside.
No wonder kids call them dinosaur toes.
And they weren’t the scariest thing we saw for sale on the fish counter either!


One response to “Grandma gave us Dinosaur Toes for lunch

  1. zeudytigre says:

    Youngest tigrecub could never be persuaded to try something that looked like that!

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