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An Italian Musical Interlude

on July 25, 2013

Just in case you want to know what our musical journey is all about, here is an article from our local paper with details –

Arlene Foster, Minister for Trade and Industry, bid the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra ‘arrivederci’ as the 80-strong ensemble embark on a four-concert tour of Italy.

The CBYO is the senior ensemble of the City of Belfast School of Music and will play concerts in Florence, Rome, Montecatini and Ravello. The Minister visited the orchestra at their final rehearsal in the BELB School of Music.

“The City of Belfast Youth Orchestra is a tribute to the young people themselves, their parents and their teachers because they are part of the effort to showcase Northern Ireland as a country of talented, bright and enthusiastic young people who view the arts as intrinsic to their sense of identity, as well as a skill which will help them in future careers,” said the Minister.

During the CBYO will play to some of the most powerful people in Europe including senior officials from the British and Irish Embassies to Italy and the Holy See. Orchestra leader Fergus McBride said he and his co-musicians were delighted to be seen to be as ambassadors for Northern Ireland.

“The arts play a fundamental role in the economic regeneration of Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular has benefited from this,” said Mr McBride.

“Having a vibrant arts sector is a signal to investors and visitors that we are a sophisticated and lively society which enjoys life to the full. Our continued respect for the creative and expressive will undoubtedly bring increased success in business and industry, and of course, enhance our general health and well being.”

The CBYO embarks on biannual tours throughout the world. Recent tours have taken them to France, Spain and Slovenia and they have performed regularly at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

“We pride ourselves in presenting a very positive image of Northern Ireland. The CBYO has continually demonstrated in recent years that it can proudly own any world renowned concert platform through its highly-acclaimed performances,” said CBYO manager Robert Briscoe.


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