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Eating Pizza in Pisa

on July 29, 2013

Like our youngest Gillyboy, you may have noticed that when earth threatening disasters happen in movies, they usually occur at famous landmarks. Aliens are just malevolent tourists at heart. Yesterday evening we witnessed sunset in Pisa at the Leaning Tower and thankfully there was no alien invasion just a lot of hawkers who were selling “genuine fake Rolex watches” (their words) and fabulous replica handbags which I had to walk away from for fear of imprisonment for purchasing counterfeit goods 😦
Mr G and small G climbed the tower and waved merrily from the top. I stayed on terra firma (well away from the handbags) and we were impressed by the simplicity of the Baptistry and Cathedral, after the overly elaborate Florence buildings.
Anyway. Pisa is lovely, the tower leans at the most unnerving angle and we finished off a beautiful evening with pizza in Pisa.

Mr Gillyboy and Littlest Gillyboy being tourists

One response to “Eating Pizza in Pisa

  1. amaryllislog says:

    What a lovely trip you all are having!

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