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That Roman Feline

on August 1, 2013


Another thing we noticed about Rome is the vast number of stray cats roaming freely among the tourists. In the tourist shops there are numerous postcards depicting dozing cats resting on famous monuments. At the Coliseum our guide pointed out the two “black panthers” who live among the ruins.
There are so many that in recent years the council has rounded them up for neutering to keep numbers under control. There is a famous cat sanctuary at Torre Argentina in Rome where they house, feed and treat some 250 strays within one of the oldest temples in the city. It is open seven days a week and run by cat loving volunteers who come from all over the world. Visitors are also welcome. we gave it miss ourselves as Mr Gillybirds is allergic but for some of my cat loving readers this would be a purrfect tourist destination.
For five Euro you can “adopt” one of these moggies. You receive a certificate bearing your cat’s name and a dedicated phone number to call to check on how many lives your chosen cat has left.

One response to “That Roman Feline

  1. amaryllislog says:

    I love this, adopting a kitty in Rome sounds perfect to me and maybe a practical way to have a cat when 4 (yes four) dogs reside in my home. I probably need to go to Italy to investigate this, don’t you think?!

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