What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Celebrity Chicks

on August 14, 2013



You read it here first! Celebrity gossip magazines have recently disclosed the following exciting news –
In the Huffington Post on 9th August ’13-
….Obviously, the first association that comes to mind with “Jennifer Aniston” and “eggs” is not the kind that you scramble, but the kind that leads to a baby bump, and fuels the tabloid industry for nine long months. Alas, Jen is definitely not pregnant (and she’s really sick of being asked if she has plans to get pregnant), but she does have a chicken coop!
In yet another talk show appearance promoting “We’re The Millers,” “Everyone’s talking about my eggs, well, I’m giving them to you,” she said, handing over a half dozen farm fresh eggs to the show’s host.
Aniston and her not-husband Justin Theroux inherited chickens along with their $22 million Bel Air home. The former owners (farmers?) taught the couple how to care for them. Apparently they “love pasta,” and are “popping [eggs] out like crazy.”
Ariel shots of Jennifer Aniston’s recently remodelled $21 million home in Bel Air have revealed the actress has a swanky chicken house. Intending on getting a bit of the Good Life at her new pad, Jen’s enormous chicken coop should keep her in plenty of eggs for breakfast, and there’s also a posh vegetable patch too.
Having spent over $6 million on renovations, Aniston is due to move in to the new coop with fiancé Justin Theroux as soon as work is complete.
And just think how much more fabulous that famous hair is going to look if she conditions it with a few fresh eggs from her girls…

And from Perez Hilton-
Isla Fisher is a busy woman with husband Sacha Baron Cohen and her two daughters, always looking glamorous at premieres etc – but there’s always room for more under the roof of her home chicken coop!
The Now You See Me actress talked about what her last home improvement was, saying:
“Getting chickens! We’re using the eggs and everything. They poop a lot, so you have to clean up a lot. It’s been so much fun. They’re little characters and they all have personalities. They’re just adorable with these very pretty coats.”
Maybe she can use some of those eggs when she’s trying to bake her favorite dessert!

Photo by Perez Hilton


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