What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Early Risers

on August 27, 2013

I have a hen with gender identity issues.

She, (Apollo), thinks she is a rooster. Or at least behaves like one. Ok, apart from laying an egg every day. She is bossy, noisy, nosey and king/queen of the coop. She has the glossiest most lustrous feathers. And did I mention she was noisy?
Yesterday was the August Bank Holiday. The last Monday of the year that you get to sleep in late, guilt free, until the Christmas holidays. Did we get to sleep in? No.
At 6.31 am most of us, and probably most of our neighbours, were awoken by Miss Apollo bawk-a-bawk-a-BAWK-A-BAWK ing welcoming what turned out to be a lovely late summer’s day, very,very early.
In a befuddled state I jumped out of bed, and padded across the grass (bare foot) to the coop to see what all the fuss was about.
Look, she said. I’ve laid an egg for you. It’s a lovely sunny day. Get up. Enjoy.
Have some stale toast I said, throwing it into the coop.
I returned to bed, leaving a trail of grass cuttings through the house, up stairs, and under the sheets.
Pulling the pillow over my head I tried to slip back into a good dream
not again.
Another trek across the grass.
Did you not hear me the first time? She clucked. I laid an egg, and now Darling has laid an egg. It’s Monday. The sun is shining. You should be up making me porridge and admiring our handiwork.

So in the end I got up, let the dogs out for a sniff, and had an early hot cup of tea enjoying the brilliance of a freshly cut new day.

Today the Gillyboys are back to school. The alarm went off like a siren at 6.45. It is a grey and damp day. To be honest, I’d rather be woken up by a chicken.

Of course, in my head, this is how I look every morning as I feed the Gillybirds!

2 responses to “Early Risers

  1. amaryllislog says:

    Nothing like a bossy bird!

  2. gillybirds says:

    and she is as bossy as they come!

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