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A Cake Fit For Angels

on September 28, 2013

Who would have thought baking could make such exciting television? The Great British Bake Off. 13 bakers. In a marquee. Ingredients. Challenges. Creativity. Mistakes. The smell if burning. The taste of Despair. Its unmissable.
A few weeks ago the technical challenge was to make an Angel Food Cake. Considering myself a bit of a Domestic Goddess (no modesty then!) I had never heard of this cake and immediately googled it. Basically an egg white foam with a little flour and baked in a special ring tin. How hard can it be?

Following the BBC Good Food recipe for Angel Food Cake with lemon and passion fruit curd I set out to make a shopping list. As you can see, rather a lot of lemons are required. Eight. (You can tell from my scribbled shopping list that the editor could have done a better job of listing the ingredients.)
And eggs. Ten! (that’s four days laying for us) The yolks make the curd and the whites make the cake.The Gillybirds have had a great week of laying thankfully.

An Angel Food Cake Tin is a specialist piece of baking equipment so I improvised with a 10 inch round tin and filled a soup tin (empty) with baking beans to create a ring mould in the centre. No greasing of the tin surface- to cool you must sit the cake upside down so it needs to adhere to the cake tin sides (yet be loose enough to let go once cooled). Quite a challenge.

It was such a beautiful autumn day the inverted cake cooled in the garden (out of the reach of greedy dogs) while I chilled outside too.

Thankfully it came away very cleanly from the cake tin.

I made the delicious lemon curd yesterday and topped the cream covered cake with it. Spoon licking highly recommended at this stage. Mmmmm

20130928-224635.jpgMary Berry Angel Food Cake Recipe


2 responses to “A Cake Fit For Angels

  1. zeudytigre says:

    Domestic Goddess credentials proven once again. Impressed 🙂

  2. […] leave those accolades to my amazing friend Mrs Gillybird who can produce creations such as this: A Cake Fit For Angels. Still, this afternoon I was feeling in a positive mood and decided to make bread. I am rather […]

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