What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Mercedes Henz

on October 4, 2013


Photo credit to The

Mercedes-Benz knows what sells cars — chickens.
Wait, what? In “Magic Body Control,” the brand hypes its stabilization technology, part of the “intelligent drive” package, by showcasing five hens bopping to the beat of 1980 Motown jam “Upside Down” by Diana Ross. But while the chickens bodies bounce, their heads stay still. This aviary mechanism is called head tracking, and Mercedes-Benz is using it to demonstrate how comfortable drivers will be in its cars. The reason is a quirk in the anatomy of chickens which means they can keep their heads still, even when their bodies are moving – the perfect analogy for a complex computer system which offsets the vehicle’s movements for a smoother ride.
Add some classic disco music from Diana Ross and some gloved hands to move the chickens in time with the music and you have pure internet gold. “Magic Body Control,” created by German ad agency Jung von Matt has gone, as they say, viral. The web has been in a flap about the new 53-second ad. Since its release last week, the commercial has flown up the Unruly Viral Video Chart after racking up an incredible 350,000 shares and 3.8 million views – a staggering share every 11 views.
Hens are the on trend advertising gimmick for 2013. Check out also commercials for LG and Fuji cameras!
Maybe the Gillybirds should be getting themselves on the books of a modelling agency. As long as they aren’t promoting KFC!
Thanks to K for sharing the link on Facebook.
Have a lovely weekend peeps!


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