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When your baby bird flies from the nest

on October 7, 2013

At the start of October Gillyboy number two flew the coop and headed off for a new chapter in his life at university. Unlike his older brother who chose to attend our local uni and live in the comfort and convenience of home, he has packed his outsize suitcases, his trombone, ocarina and tin whistle (hope his college neighbours are deaf or extremely tolerant) and set off for three years of hard study and good times at Keble College, Oxford.
In only the blink of an eye 19 years have passed – the delighted laughter of his father when I told him I was expecting- when we had a four month old baby already. A very rapid delivery, so fast no one thought to check the clock for the exact time of his birth. His abundant golden hair or “fields of ripe corn” as we referred to it. At seven months old clearly saying” all gone” at the end of a meal. Walking at ten months. Climbing at ten months and one day. Writing his own Mr Men books aged four. Discovering Pokemon aged six. Playing the trombone to anyone who would listen from aged 8. Having a well developed sense of right and wrong and not being afraid to express those views from a very early age. And now, matriculating at university in a gown, white tie and mortar board. When did this happen?
As a family this parting is a whole new experience. As parents, leaving a child – well, a young man with a beard and plenty of his own opinions- for the first time, in a new city, all alone gives rise to a whole sack of conflicting emotions. Someone gently mocked us, accusing us of over-parenting as we both decided to bring him and all his bags to get him settled. I don’t see it as over-parenting, I see it as taking our baby bird to the edge of the nest, checking the horizon, and watching him learn to fly.


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