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Empty Chairs and Empty Beds

on October 21, 2013

We are all getting used to being a “minus one” family, having one less to cook and clear up for. No more multi pack yogurts or apple juice, no more runs to music lessons across town. No more ffff (ie VERY loud) notes on the trombone to frighten the dogs.
Why am I telling you all this? Because I have discovered that the so called “empty nest syndrome” is real. Even when there are other chicks to keep you busy, there is a hiatus in our family. It is thrilling to hear how he is working so hard and making new friends and learning new skills (including clothes washing) we here at home are left with a gap that at the moment feels like a missing tooth that you just can’t keep from probing with your tongue.
It is at the dinner table we miss our Gillyboy number two the most. When he was away on a music tour for a couple of weeks last year we got a large cuddly toy and attached an outsize photo of his face to it, and it sat quietly and no judgementally observing us during our family meals. This time, he himself has stuck one of his uniform name tapes onto “his” chair, and hilariously Lucas the dog has taken to sitting on this chair, and also lying on his bed (but shush don’t tell him that) as if to make up for his absence. And Apollo, his hen, is almost as noisy as a trombone, especially when she wants let out in the early morning.
Term is short, there is time to text and skype to check for signs of missing limbs or the onset of malnutrition. But our little nest is incomplete for now.

2 responses to “Empty Chairs and Empty Beds

  1. zeudytigre says:

    I am trying so hard to be involved / step back from / support my top cub’s efforts to get to where your boy has gone. And all the time I know: this is the goal and the challenge; if we succeed as parents, we have to cope with the aftermath; such hard won success for them leads to an emptiness for us. I long for your success; and dread having to cope with it. (((hugs))) xx

  2. amaryllislog says:

    It’s hard but also exciting to see our offspring move ahead in life. Visits will be very special for all of you!

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