What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Neighbourhood Watch

on April 24, 2014


One of the main issues with Naughty Lucas the Tibetan Terrier is that he likes to run away from us. When he was still a little pup Mr Gillybirds and I spent a wet Saturday afternoon securing the perimeter of our garden with fence posts and meters of wire mesh. We were just about finished when I glanced up and there looking full of mischief was Naughty Lucas grinning at us from the other side of the new fence.
Since then for the most part he has been allowed out under close supervision or on a long long running wire system giving him access to visit most parts of the garden and spend time up by his beloved hens. And getting very tangled in the bushes, although he usually reserves is for when it is tipping with rain and I have no shoes on.
However, sometimes he makes a break for freedom and we spend an anxious time trying to find him. On Christmas morning he did his Houdini act, I was too busy to chase after him and he eventually returned with a huge bone Father Christmas must have left for some other local dog and which was now property of our wandering pup.
We have met some neighbours who now know whose dog he is and are happy to return him with his tail literally between his legs.
But there is a new development in this shaggy tale….
With the sunny dry weather the hens have been spending more time roaming loose around the garden. And, you can probably guess, the girls have found some of the escape routes used by the dog. And shaking a box of dog treats or grabbing a handful of fur and pulling it back through a hedge isn’t going to work for our feathered ladies. They have no concept of the “recall” which works on most dogs (not ours obviously)
In the past few days I have tiptoed through our neighbours’ beautifully manicured freshly planted flower beds, making a grab for a wandering hen blissfully scratching her way amongst this year’s bedding plants, subtle garden lighting and well manicured lawns. It’s been a nightmare.
So for now they are confined to barracks. Plans are underway for an extended run. While clambering through a large rhododendron I found the remains of the Gillyboy’s tire swing, which I put into the hen run and filled with leaves, grasses etc to give them a new feature for a bit of hentertainment.



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