What came first- the chickens or the blog?

A Quick Update

on April 30, 2014


When out checking for eggy faces, with no success, I discovered that poor Colonel Saunders has been seriously pecked today, leaving her with very few tail feathers and looking quite sore.
You may recall this was an issue about a year ago as well.
Obviously the Gillybirds are a bit bored and turning on each other and their own eggs.
I have given her medical treatment, she does seem to be in great form and not bothered but I will keep a very close eye in her body language and the behaviour of the other two towards her.
I have rearranged a few hen toys within the run and let them have some strictly supervised time out free ranging.
I looked in vain for table napkins which they may have wiped their faces with after their fresh eggy treat, but without success.
Hopefully tomorrow I will get to the eggs before they do.
Photo source Pixabay


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