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Home Remedies

on June 10, 2014

We have had a poorly hen in the coop. So bad that I thought we were going to lose Apollo about three weeks ago. As you can see from the photo her colour had gone very pale, from brith red to a weak orange, she was lethargic, not eating, just sitting quietly. This was our top hen, queen of the coop, Mrs Bossy. No more. I was very worried .
Consulting the hen keeping books and googling symptoms I reckoned her problem may be worms (yuk, sorry). Hens are very prone to picking up parasites and due to my own squeamishness I foolishly had never wormed the Gillybirds. Living in the city, our vet has no experience of hens or their ailments so I knew it was pretty much up to me to take steps to restore her to health.
For three days the girls enjoyed a tub of natural yoghurt with sunflower seeds, juicy raisins and laced with worming powder.
They devoured it. It is very entertaining watching hens eat yoghurt, it goes everywhere!

A tentative check of their dropping did not reveal any hidden menaces, but Apollo has made an amazing recovery, full of life, very boisterous, her appetite has returned and she is her usual self. So much so that I had trouble getting her to pose for a photo to show you how well her colour has returned.

The pecking order has changed within the coop now. In a surprise turn of events Darling is top hen, followed by Apollo and poor pecked and plucked a Colonel Saunders, the only one who daily gives me an egg, is at the bottom.


One response to “Home Remedies

  1. I’m so glad Apollo has recovered. We struggle to get our girls to eat worming medicine. We have liquid that’s supposed to go in their water – no way. I mix it in yogurt and they really really don’t like it but if that’s all they have and I add more fresh yogurt a couple of times to dilute the nasty taste, by lunch it’s gone. Next time I’ll throw in sunflower seeds and raisins and see if that works. Thanks for the tip!

    Our “runt” always is the best producer too. I wonder if that’s common – too busy sitting to bully the other hens.

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