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The Big Reveal

on August 1, 2014

So after 2 days of dismantling, digging, concreting, fencing, roofing, felting, woodchipping, coop washing….etc etc…the Gillybirds are installed in their new much improved, much larger, safer home.
And they just love it.
And so do I.



I hope you do too!
As a special thank you to our garden workers, Gillybirds eggs were used to bake a thank you cake to go with their morning coffee today 🙂
The work men have really got to know the hens very well over the past 4 weeks and I have caught them feeding them lunch scraps and even just standing talking to them.
Today when they were putting the wire mesh on the roof nosey Apollo flew onto the green coop roof just to see what they were at. It was very funny. I’m just sorry I didn’t have a camera handy.

3 responses to “The Big Reveal

  1. Very nice. It looks like half the roof is covered and half is wire or open to let in sun?

    What do your birds think of that mirror? Do they stare at themselves? Groom in front of it?

    I think it’s pretty funny that the work men were seduced by your chickens – the sirens of the back yard!

  2. gillybirds says:

    Yes Laura, half and half roof/ can be so wet here they need shelter. Now they have space as well. Lovely to see them fly.
    I am in process of blogging about the mirror. Hilarious results! Girls, feathered or otherwise, can be so vain.

    • How funny – you see the roof as protection from the rain which I’m sure is important where you are, but I see it as shade. Here shade is in need during our summer (even in winter the chooks seek shade behind the coop) – with Global Warming/El Nino/Whatever we NEVER seem to have rain any more for us or our feathered friends to worry about.

      I can’t wait for that mirror post!

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