What came first- the chickens or the blog?

The Mousetrap Mystery

on September 20, 2014

In the evenings we are often entertained by the movements of a very small mouse running around at the background of the house.
The gillybirds also stop what they are doing to watch this “mini” mouse (sorry for the pun) though I think should it stray into the coop they would have it pulled apart between them if it didn’t run fast enough.
Early one morning I was opening the coop door when the mouse hopped over my bare feet. I’m not the squealing kind, but it fairly woke me up!
At the local hardware store I was chatting to the shop assistant about how many homes have mice just now when lo and behold a mouse popped out from under a shelf and ran the length of the pest control aisle right in front of us. I’m sure I could hear it saying ” nah na na nah na! Can’t catch me!”
Apparently a local Pest Control officer calls every morning to the shop to remove the mice caught during the night. They have a serious problem and as a result are having to stop selling bird seed which the mice are gorging themselves on.
Undaunted, I purchased two traps, loaded them with Nutella and set them up where neither curious hen nor dog could get caught.
The next morning the bait was taken, but no mice caught.
Mouse 1 Mrs Gillybirds 0
I switched from Nutella to peanut butter.
Now this morning I awoke to discover that one of the traps is completely gone. Disappeared. Vanished. Missing.
Is there a mouse with a trap stuck to its tail lying injured somewhere?
Or did the mouse get caught and then mouse, trap and all were taken by an opportunistic fox?
I wish I knew.
It’s a mousetrap mystery.

I previously wrote about an encounter with mice in blog post called of mice and hens

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