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And then there were two

on December 30, 2014

As 2014 draws to an end I am sorry to tell you that the short but happy life of Colonel Saunders, one of the here remaining Gillybirds has come to an end.
She was looking very low over Christmas, spending much of the day sleeping with her wee head tucked in, showing little interest in tasty Christmas leftovers whilst the other two were chortling and clucking in a very festive manner over the roast potatoes, sprouts and strawberry tops on offer.
A big appreciative thank you to Gillyboy number 1 who has had to deal with the consequences of a deceased hen as I have been away.
Colonel Saunders has always been the bottom of the pecking order, the outsider, the observer, yet the hen who would chat quietly to me while I would clean out the coop. She was always last out of the coop in the mornings, descending the coop ladder with cautious, tentative steps and not much grace and often a great flapping of wings to welcome a new dawn.
She has had her ups and down health wise over the two and a half years of her productive existence. She had a passion for yoghurt and raisins, but never had a taste for mealworms (the chocolate of the hen community)
I know she was only a brown hen, but she made a contribution to our family, she was our pet, our little feathered friend.
Colonel Saunders, we will miss your tiny comb, your quiet put puts in conversation and your watchful eyes.
Rest in peace.

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