What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Beaming Bright

on January 20, 2015

Although it’s not getting dark until after 5pm these January days, it’s still a short day for the Gillybirds, and often I don’t get out to shut them away for the night until it is really dark. The coop can be a minefield of cauliflower skeletons, roosting logs, drink containers and lots of chicken poop (yuk) all hazardous materials regardless of wearing slippers, boots or bare feet, so thoughtful Gillyboy number one bought me a Mr Beams spotlight and installed it in the top corner of the coop to ensure my passage to the coop door was well illuminated.
Mr Beams lights are battery powered motion detection operated LED spotlights and really this light has made a huge difference in my hen keeping activities.
Super at night, it is also great in the pre dawn gloom and as the girls move around they set off the spotlight and I can see them shaking out their feathers for the first scratch and peck of the day.


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