What came first- the chickens or the blog?


on February 15, 2015

 I’m always on the lookout for new ways to cook eggs, and while staying a few nights with our hosts in Annapolis, Maryland, we were served a warm dish called Strata. We actually had it for dinner and for breakfast again the next morning. 

To me, having studied geology in school “strata ” is different layers of rock, not a food. Our host described it as “Southern food”, and as she was preparing it I was intrigued by the box of pure white eggs, since here our hens produce brown eggs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen white eggs before. I explained that egg shell colour is determined by the colour of a hen’s ears. I don’t think our host believed me. She told me she would have to pay more money to buy brown shelled eggs, they were considered to be something rare and quite unusual! 

Anyway, Strata reminded me of a cross between cheese fondue and a pastry-less quiche. Definitely winter food. 

I found this recipe online. I will be trying this at home, with my own rather special brown shelled eggs.

One response to “Strata

  1. I make a ‘breakfast strata’ for specials occasions. It is loaded with bacon, cheese, potatoes, and more… great dish and flexible

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