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Choosing Royal Names

on May 2, 2015

It seemed only appropriate that the girls be given Royal names since as I collected the new team of Gillybirds the birth of a new royal princess was announced. So ahead of William and Kate’s confirmation of the name of their sweet baby, allow me to introduce my four princesses- 

Queen Isabella of Spain “Izzie”

Mary, Queens of Scots “Mary”

Queen Elizabeth the First “Betty”

Lady Jane Grey “Jane”


 The images are very poor but I’m anxious for the Press not to intrude too much at this time as the new girls are quite easily spooked. 
We were however delighted to discover a small pale egg lying in the coop this afternoon.

Welcome to the world Your Feathered Majesties!

2 responses to “Choosing Royal Names

  1. karenandkerry says:

    Glad the ‘old’ girls have gone to a new home to live in happy retirement in the country and haven’t been ‘dispatched’ (such a bland word), but disappointed that they weren’t offered retirement space in the city as part of the bigger plan for their lives. Thank God for that friendly farmer – so rare in this age of intensification, results and purpose-driven everything.

    • crocheticipation says:

      Practically speaking there was no way of adapting my hen run to accommodate two hen families while they got used to each other. Hens can be quite nasty to each other and attack those further down the pecking order, as I’ve seen in the past with my girls. I’d love to have kept them into their old age, but am happy they are together as best friends should be, and hopefully enjoying their new home.

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