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Still broody! And it’s catching

on July 8, 2015

So  here we are five weeks on and Queen Mary is still hoping to be a momma. And now Queen Isabella has joined her on the Royal Nest too. So that means two hens not laying, not taking proper care of themselves, and generally being very grumpy girls if I try to move them. The weather has been warm and sunny, I’m not sure if this triggers broodiness or if it’s just a hormone thing!  

Also very popular these days are “double yoked” eggs, which look enormous beside ordinary eggs, and have two deliciously golden yolks perfect for frying and being a dip for fried potatoes!


 Please excuse lack of photo editing- since a WordPress update recently I have had trouble in uploading photos to this site. 


One response to “Still broody! And it’s catching

  1. zeudytigre says:

    At present I have two broodys. One is so determined her feathers are falling out and she has scaly leg. I lift them from the nest box each morning so that the rest of my flock can lay and they brood the ground until I open the run door. They have access to food and water but only indulge in the moments after I lift them out (along with dropping that ‘broody poo’). Bird brain doesn’t begin to explain it…

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