What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Hen Friends

How lovely it is to visit an old friend and get acquainted with her very pretty hens who roam free around a large garden. Mr Rooster, a fine beastie, even keeps the family dog in check. On a fairly rare sunny day we enjoyed fresh scones in the garden and our feathered friends were there to peck up the crumbs when we finished. Back when we first met in the late 1990’s our chat would have been of small children, potty training and learning to read, now our own little chicks are grown up we talk of university, gap years, egg production and scaley leg mite and had a tour of the abundant vegetable garden.

Mr Rooster is the fine silvery grey bird just left of centre.
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10 Ways to tell you are suffering from henmania

1. You consider 6.45 am a lie-in and hurry out in your night attire (and often shod in welly boots) to let the hens out into the morning air.
2. The sound of a fox barking in the night turns your blood cold.
3. You can think of more than six ways to cook eggs.
4. Suddenly you become aware that you are making random chicken sounds for no particular reason.
5. You reach in your pocket and find a handful of dried mealworms.
6. The favourites list on your on line shopping now include meadow hay and millet treats.
7.When you visit friends you bring them fresh eggs as a gift and it feels like you are giving away your own children.
8. Walking down the chicken aisle in the supermarket makes you sad for all the wee lives and personalities now plucked, wrapped and ready for roasting.
9. The first thing you do when you get home is rush out and check the coop for eggs.
10. Wattle and gizzard are no longer merely high scoring words in Scrabble.


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