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The World’s Most Expensive Dishcloth

Lucas at home, licking his lips, anticipating another tasty dishcloth.

Our little soldier is home from the Vets! The Vet did offer us the partially digested dishcloth (in a bag) but we declined. In future the pup can lick the dishes dry. Just kidding.
What I have learnt from this-
-do not procrastinate, it will cost you in the end. Pet insurance cover was on my to-do list….
– puppies will eat anything. It’s their digestion that’s tricky.
– how much we love our Lucas. And how much our friends, here and in the blogosphere do too. Thank you.
Рa cheap roll of dishcloths Р10 for £1, can end up costing a whole lot more.

After a mucky run in the garden and a brief chat with the Gillybirds, Lucas reclines in his comfy bed for some zzzz’s

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