What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Here come the Girls

Mrs Gillybirds is pleased to announce the safe arrival of –
Colonel Saunders
Violet Beaudelaire
who are ISA Brown hens aged 18 to 20 weeks and are now happily pecking around the hen run here in BT9.
Yesterday was an unexpectedly glorious day for their arrival and they appear to have settled in very quickly.
The boys are enchanted for now, of course the naming was a critical part of the bonding procedure. How quickly we can see their personality traits too. Colonel Saunders was first out of the coop and is always first over to check out whats going on. The dog patrolled the run several times watching the feathered inhabitants warily before coming closer for a good sniff – Col. Saunders smartly pecked his nose and he beat a hasty retreat. Violet appears to be the most hesitant hanging back until the others have investigated the situation.
Smallest boy seems a little disappointed to learn they spend all day pecking the grass and clucking- don’t they even sing?? With a two drummers, two trombonists, a flautist and myself on the saxophone no bird could possibly compete in the musical department! They are good laying hens- that’s what they are here for, let them get on with the job.





The lights are on but no one’s home

What an interesting week it’s been. Since my first ever blog was posted on Wednesday friends and acquaintances have been in general very positive about my journey into the world of hens.
It’s a bit like those last few weeks of pregnancy or when you have a car crash and everyone has their own stories to tell. Those who have their own birds are very keen to recount tales of their feathered friends – names, natures, quirks, feeding habits and diet, the pros and cons of getting a rooster, the superb quality of home fresh eggs etc. Non chicken keepers generally look at me like I’m on the next bus to crazy town, or get a wee wistful look in their eyes as confess it’s something they’ve considered but never been bold enough to try. “let us know how you get on” they add. Exactly I reply- that’s why I’m blogging.
Still, there is one thing missing. No hens yet! The Hen Man remains silent. The chicken coop lies vacant in the garden only to be assaulted by the occasional misplaced football. The Heyns Chicken Manual continues to be bedtime reading, and to keep me amused for now I am making a very pretty hen cross stitch and have produced a whole new range of hen based greetings cards.
So thank you all for your feedback and comments. I hope that as I have found a whole new circle of friends by owning a dog, I will equally find new friends by joining the hen keeping community.
I also hope that the silent coop will become home to some real characters in the next few days 🙂




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