What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Cast List

An unfolding drama, starring, in no particular order-
The humans-
Mrs Gillybirds – keeper of hens, scribbler of blogs
Mr Gillybirds – bank roller of Mrs Gs mad projects, a real sweetie
the Gillyboys – children of Mr and Mrs G, all boys of various sizes
The Dogs-
Mr Buttons – ageing and rather grumpy Tibetan Terrier
Naughty Lucas – young, giddy, lively Tibetan Terrier pup
The Hens-

The Princesses (May 15)

Queen Isabella of Spain “Izzie” = white

Mary Queen of Scots “Mary” = black and White Maran

Queen Elizabeth the First “Betty” or “black Betty” = black

Lady Jane Grey “Jane” = Bluebell (grey)

Apollo – full feathered, bossy, top of the pecking order (retired)
Little Darling – shy, quiet, keeps to herself (retired)
Colonel Saunders – permanently moulting, hen pecked, bottom of the food chain (died Dec 14)

Violet beaudelaire – sweet, friendly (died suddenly Oct 12)




Supporting Cast
The Neighbours –
L and the Orthodontist – kindly part time carers during vacations
The Friends-
CC – friend and fellow crafter, also part time carer
R – long time friend and new puppy owner since 7/14
The Grandparents –
Grandma and Grandpa Gillybirds – long suffering parents of Mrs G, providers of leftovers and peelings for the Gillybirds

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